Welcome to this website. These beautiful words from Julian of Norwich that invite us to behold, say so much to me about how I hope that this website will support our contemplation. I will offer meditations, writings, schola contemplatio and opportunities to enter into the depths of mystical texts, to behold and relate them to our prayer and to our lives. Echoing Julian’s invitation to behold, the author of the Cloud of unknowing, invites to behold with “the mind of good God only,” to be touched by the stirrings of love and drawn into ever fuller oneness with God in love. His words are so full of invitation:

“And then we can do nothing more than behold God and enjoy God,

 with the most wonderful desire to be all one-ed in God and enter 

God’s dwelling, attend to the wooing, enjoy the loving,

and delight in God’s goodness …”

Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love.

“We need no more, than the mind of good God only, with a reverent stirring of lasting love; so that means you get nothing but God. If you keep whole the stirring of love that you feel by grace in your heart, and do not scatter from your beholding, then the stirring will tell you when you should speak and when you should be still. This stirring of love will govern you discreetly in all your living, and teach you mistily.”

The Cloud of Unknowing Seer, The Discretion of Stirrings.

May we follow these stirrings of love together.

Love's Oneing: A Book About Contemplation
(in press, due mid-year)

Here is book about contemplation….in which the soul is oned to God

The Cloud of Unknowing and the Book of Privy Counselling, 1.

Love’s Oneing ponders the beauty of contemplation as oneing.  The book celebrates our oneness with God and the growing realization that we live within the dynamism of love’s oneing.  Gazing through the lens of nine mystical authors, Julian of Norwich, the Cloud of Unknowing author, Meister Eckhart, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Clare of Assisi, John of the Cross, Teilhard de Chardin, Beatrice Bruteau and Ilia Delio, the book sensitively offers nuanced insight into the marriage of kenosis and desire in contemplation, giving this voice in contemporary language.  

With the delicate eye of a spiritual director immersed in mystical literature, Kerrie situates these mystical teachings within contemplative prayer, whilst offering a scholarly exploration of each mystic’s teaching about contemplation, highlighting key moments in contemplation that when surrendered into, open into divine love. She explores how these trustworthy mystical classics lay a foundation for the evolutionary growth of a oneing heart wisdom that fosters unitive and communion consciousness.  Born of contemplative wisdom, Love’s Oneing makes a unique contribution to writings about contemplation at a time when the recovery of the mystical dimension of life is crucial for the future in this climate crisis moment.  Love’s Oneing speaks to those who feel drawn to explore the contemplative path and those with a maturing practice of contemplation.


A teaching on the wisdom of Beatrice Bruteau

…we (in our true self, our deepest root) are at the centre, with Absolute Being itself; we are united with the Infinite Being which tends to be, to be more, to be in every possible way. We are not merely an expressed; we are also the expressor.

Beatrice Bruteau, Radical Optimism, 131

I  invite you to enjoy this recent teaching on the luminous thought of the late contemplative and philosopher Beatrice Bruteau whose wisdom on contemplation is especially poignant for this season of the Ascension. Contemplation, for Beatrice, is being so united within the energy field of intimate creative union in God, that we live the divine life. We are an expression of oneing. Beatrice affirms that whilst initially, contemplation was thought of as a movement of consciousness from the world to God, now we recognize that contemplation is a manifestation of God in the world. Contemplation is, “a movement of consciousness from God, with God, in God, as God, out into the world, a movement in which the divine consciousness and my consciousness, flowing together, stream out in love and in creative, healing, beautifying energy to create the world and make it even better.” (Bruteau, Radical Optimism, 132.)  This teaching is part of a five-day silent retreat, Oneness in Luminous Presence, offered in 2021.    Two meditations accompany this teaching.     For a guided meditation before the meditation, click here.   For a guided meditation to follow on from the teaching click here.  This teaching formed part of a five-day retreat Oneness in Luminous Presence  which is  available for purchase by clicking here.

Upcoming Offerings in Spiritual Direction, 2022

Mystical Heart: Spiritual Direction in the Light of Contemplation

15-16th August, 2022
Santa Casa, Queenscliff, Victoria and Online

Here, indeed is the miracle, continually renewed for the last two thousand years, of a possible Christification of suffering.

Teilhard de Chardin, “The Spiritual Energy of Suffering,” in Activation of Energy, 249.

This year, this mystic heart formation offering for spiritual directors and those interested in contemplation, assists participants to enter into the silent ground of their heart, and access and integrate the wisdom of the spiritual senses, to bodily knowing.  From this ground of being centered in divine Love and living in the flow of Trinitarian joy, we will be present to personal, ancestral and collective trauma that is arising at this time in our evolutionary oneing into God.  Drawing on a metaphysics of oneing expressed in classical Christian mystical texts, we will integrate this sapiential knowing to contemporary spiritual, anthropological and psychological research on the effects of trauma on the body, soul, mind and heart.  We will be especially attentive to how trauma impacts on our image and relationship with God as well as our contemplative practice.  Compassionately, we will discover ways to cooperate with the touchings of grace healing and enabling us to evolve in wellness and consciousness. Emphasis is on claiming the ontological space of contemplation and nurturing the oneing heart awareness that arises in stillness and silence.   

The presentations and processes will assist participants to sensitively go deeper into their own inner journey, so they can lovingly companion themselves and others into the shadow land of trauma.  Here we will explore how we discover the luminous healing and creativity of the Holy Spirit present within the wounds created by trauma. 

In the light of contemplation, we will cultivate a confidential, trustworthy, and sacred spaciousness.  This includes enhancing contemplative presence to each other and fostering communion consciousness.  We will integrate personal experiences of being held safely in trauma memories, so that participants may live consciously and peacefully in oneness with God and all creation. 

It is essential that participants have a routine of contemplative prayer, are in spiritual direction, and participate in regular retreats.  

The offering will be either face to face at the beautiful Santa Casa Retreat Centre, Queenscliff, Victoria, or online. 

For further information click here 

This formation course is now full. 

Please contact Robyn at if you would like to be added to a waiting list


In the shadows of this dark night
I arouse, tentative,
softly centering,
inner depths quivering.
Poor and vulnerable.
We are one-in-one another, infusing boundlessly.
One eye, one beholding, one seeing, one being.

Infinite Love pours into
the midst of all suffering.
Crucified love poured out for all.
In this mid-night,
in the deep silence of my heart…

Upcoming Silent Retreats, 2022

Silent Directed Retreat

June 24 - July 1, 2022
St Josephs Spirituality Centre, Kincumber

I come into my garden, my Beloved my promised spouse; 

I gather my myrrh and my balsam,

I eat my honey and my honeycomb,

I drink my wine and my milk.  

Eat friends, and drink,

Drink deep, my dearest friends. 

Sg 5:1.


Inspired by the silent beauty of the gardens of St Joseph’s, Kincumber, in this directed retreat, we will drink deeply, enjoy and imbibe Love’s presence.  Personal spiritual direction will be offered each day to retreatants, to support us in the art of contemplation.   For further information and to register, please email:

Enjoying God With Women Mystic: Six Day Silent Retreat

23-30 September, 2022
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Hartzer Park, Bowral, NSW

“To enjoy you is to be one with God” 

Gertrude of Helfta, Spiritual Exercises, Mystical Union, 132-133.

In this time of transformation, when winter stillness opens into the new life of spring, I invite you to be in silent communion in this six-day retreat and enjoy God.  Held in Love’s silence, we will immerse ourselves in art, poetry and music as we enter into the heart of Love and enjoy the presence of Love’s Trinity, within our own heart and the heart of creation.  The wisdom of the mystics, Julian of Norwich, Gertrude of Helfta, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Clare of Assisi, Hadewijch of Brabant, and Hildegard of Bingen will inspire us as we see how each one teaches us to enjoy God in contemplation.  For further information and to register, please contact Hartzer Park Retreat Centre on (02) 4861 3223

Evolutionary Consciousness and Alzheimers

Recently diagnosed with Alzheimers, Fran Hegarty shares her beautiful insights into this invitation for a new way of loving and knowing. This transformation in consciousness is something I have reflected on in the past, and below is a reflection on symbol and ritual from a paper given at a conference posted by the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies, Charles Sturt University. Fran’s insight into how the depthless depths of our being in an irrevocable relationship of oneing with divine love can never be destroyed lies at the heart of this paper. To access the paper click here

Recent Writings

Discerning from the Oneness of Love: Discernment in Julian of Norwich and
the Cloud of Unknowing Seer

The gift of discerning wisdom is so desperately need at this time in our evolution, as we seem so caught in a dualistic mind-set that creates a demarcation between our everyday consciousness and our heart awareness. The writings of Julian and the Cloud author take us beyond this level of conceptual consciousness into the heart-mind of God, into the hidden ground of oneing awareness. Though there are many consequences for discernment and the role of the spiritual director in supporting discernment, I will draw five essential implications.  These teachings were given as part of the Mystical Heart Spiritual Direction Formation Program.   To access the teachings, please click her


Recent Teachings

Communion Consciousness in Christian Meditation
WCCM Victoria Conference, Nov. 2020

Margaret Holgate,
I Sleep But My Heart is Awake

These teachings were given as part of the Christian Meditation Conference, on the theme of communion consciousness in Christian Meditation.  The first reflection, I Sleep But My Heart is Awake, explores our desire to be one with God in contemplation. The second reflection, An Awake Heart, focuses on the wisdom knowing of the heart. The third, Communion in the Heart of Hearts, ponders how communion consciousness arises when we connect with each other heart centre to heart centre.  The final reflection, Nurturing Communion Consciousness, looks at how the maranatha energy field helps foster Christ consciousness in the noosphere.  

To access the four teachings, please go to Schola Contemplatio

I also invite you to enjoy contemplation with a selection of paintings from Margaret”s Retrospective, which are available here.

Retreats and Spiritual Direction

I invite you to join me in the shared ground of Love’s silence…


Composed in silence, these writings invite you to enter more deeply into the Word…..

Schola Contemplatio

 These meditations seek to awaken communion consciousness in the light of contemplation…