“And then we can do nothing more than behold God and enjoy God,

 with the most wonderful desire to be all one-ed in God and enter 

God’s dwelling, attend to the wooing, enjoy the loving,

and delight in God’s goodness …”

Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love.

Welcome to this website. These beautiful words from Julian of Norwich that invite us to behold, say so much to me about how I hope that this website will support our contemplation. I will offer meditations, writings, schola contemplatio and opportunities to enter into the depths of mystical texts, to behold and relate them to our prayer and to our lives. Echoing Julian’s invitation to behold, the author of the Cloud of unknowing, invites to behold with “the mind of good God only,” to be touched by the stirrings of love and drawn into ever fuller oneness with God in love. His words are so full of invitation:

“We need no more, than the mind of good God only, with a reverent stirring of lasting love; so that means you get nothing but God. If you keep whole the stirring of love that you feel by grace in your heart, and do not scatter from your beholding, then the stirring will tell you when you should speak and when you should be still. This stirring of love will govern you discreetly in all your living, and teach you mistily.”

The Cloud of Unknowing Seer, The Discretion of Stirrings.

May we follow these stirrings of love together.

Beatrice Bruteau and Neo-Feminine Consciousness

Teachings from the Omega Australia Conference, Sept 2020

“We are coming to know the Sacred Heart from the inside, inside his consciousness, and inside our consciousness.  And our ‘inside’ comes to be more and more coincident with his ‘inside’.  His Heart is becoming the heart of our heart.” 

Beatrice Bruteau, Radical Optimism,  98. 

These teachings were given as part of the Omega Australia Conference, 2020, “The Life and Vision of Beatrice Bruteau: Awakening Neo-Feminine Consciousness in Our Time”.  In two lectures, I introduce the writings of the renowned scientist, scholar and mystic, Beatrice Bruteau, before exploring her invitation to awaken into a new era of consciousness. To listen to these teachings go to: Schola Contemplatio

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Kerrie's Latest Writings

The Ecstasy of Agape

Discerning from the Oneness of Love

In this chapter, I write about the beautiful insights of Beatrice Bruteau.  I explore how communion consciousness awakens as we enter into the ground of our heart, recover our original memory of being one in Christ, and stabilize in the organic identity of our participation in the ecstasy of the Trinity. 

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These are some of my recent ponderings about discerning, drawing on Julian of Norwich and the Cloud of Unknowing seer.  In the article I reflect on discerning from the depths of oneing, sensitizing to the stirrings of love, discerning false stirrings and choosing the sacred space that is hidden between, where God dwells .  I also explore the implications of discerning from oneness for spiritual direction.   

To download the article please click Discernment in Julian of Norwich and the Cloud of Unknowing Seer  

Retreats and Spiritual Direction

I invite you to join me in the shared ground of Love’s silence…


Composed in silence, these writings invite you to enter more deeply into the Word…..

Schola Contemplatio

 These meditations seek to awaken communion consciousness in the light of contemplation…