Schola Contemplatio

This section which I have named “Schola Contemplatio,” echoes the description of “schola”
that Beatrice Bruteau emphasises, as someone who studies contemplatively by giving her or
himself to the leisure of silence and the joy of creation. Here I present teachings and courses that we are
offering that aim to assist us to take the writings of the mystics deeper into our heart so that
words may continue to form in our understanding. This way of studying involves pondering,
musing, ruminating in how we may become more sensitive to the movement of the Holy
Spirit within our research. 

Teachings on Spiritual Direction

Mystical Heart: Spiritual Direction in the Light of Contemplation
A Formation Course, 15th - 16th August 2022
Santa Casa Queenscliff Victoria and Online

Here, indeed is the miracle, continually renewed for the last two thousand years, of a possible Christification of suffering.

Teilhard de Chardin, “The Spiritual Energy of Suffering,” in Activation of Energy,  249.


This year, this mystic heart formation offering for spiritual directors and those interested in contemplation, assists participants to enter into the silent ground of their heart, and access and integrate the wisdom of the spiritual senses, to bodily knowing.  From this ground of being centered in divine Love and living in the flow of Trinitarian joy, we will be present to personal, ancestral and collective trauma that is arising at this time in our evolutionary oneing into God.  Drawing on a metaphysics of oneing expressed in classical Christian mystical texts, we will integrate this sapiential knowing to contemporary spiritual, anthropological and psychological research on the effects of trauma on the body, soul, mind and heart.  We will be especially attentive to how trauma impacts on our image and relationship with God as well as our contemplative practice.  Compassionately, we will discover ways to cooperate with the touchings of grace healing and enabling us to evolve in wellness and consciousness. Emphasis is on claiming the ontological space of contemplation and nurturing the oneing heart awareness that arises in stillness and silence.   

The presentations and processes will assist participants to sensitively go deeper into their own inner journey, so they can lovingly companion themselves and others into the shadow land of trauma.  Here we will explore how we discover the luminous healing and creativity of the Holy Spirit present within the wounds created by trauma. 

In the light of contemplation, we will cultivate a confidential, trustworthy, and sacred spaciousness.  This includes enhancing contemplative presence to each other and fostering communion consciousness.  We will integrate personal experiences of being held safely in trauma memories, so that participants may live consciously and peacefully in oneness with God and all creation. 

The offering will be either face to face at the beautiful Santa Casa Retreat Centre, Queenscliff, Victoria, or online.  

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Mystical Heart Teachings for Course Participants 2021

Mystical Heart Teachings for Course Participants 2020

Teachings on the Mystics

Beatrice Bruteau and Neo-Feminine Consciousness
Omega Australia Conference, 2020

“We are coming to know the Sacred Heart from the inside, inside his consciousness, and inside our consciousness.  And our ‘inside’ comes to be more and more coincident with his ‘inside’.  His Heart is becoming the heart of our heart.” 

Beatrice Bruteau, Radical Optimism,  98. 

These teachings were given at the Omega Australia Conference, 2020, “The Life and Vision of Beatrice Bruteau: Awakening Neo-Feminine Consciousness in Our Time”.  In two lectures, I introduce the writings of the renowned scientist, scholar and mystic, Beatrice Bruteau, before exploring her invitation to awaken into a new era of consciousness.

Teaching One

Teaching Two

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Margaret Holgate, I Sleep But My Heart is Awake

Let that meek darkness be a mirror

and your mind whole.

Think no further of yourself,

than I beg you do of God,

so that you be one with God in spirit

without scattering or distractions in your mind.

Cloud of Unknowing seer, Book of Privy Counselling, 136: 7.

Communion Consciousness in Christian Meditation
Teachings from the WCCM Victoria Conference, Nov. 2020

These teachings were given as part of the Christian Meditation Conference, on the theme of communion consciousness in Christian Meditation. The first reflection, I Sleep But My Heart is Awake, explores our desire to be one with God in contemplation. The second reflection, An Awake Heart, focuses on the wisdom knowing of the heart. The third, Communion in the Heart of Hearts, ponders how communion consciousness arises when we connect with each other heart centre to heart centre. The final reflection, Nurturing Communion Consciousness, looks at how the maranatha energy field helps foster Christ consciousness in the noosphere.  


I also invite you to enjoy contemplatio with a selection of paintings from Margaret’s Retrospective, which are available here