While gentle silence enveloped all things, your Word, Beloved, kissed light into creation. Wisdom 18:14

These meditations, invite us into the gentle, enveloping silence of contemplation. They arise from the ground of silence and sing of Love’s desire for us to be one. They invite us to turn into the ground of our hearts, and to follow the stirrings of love into the luminous oneing of our being one in the heart of God.  The themes are universal and may be prayed at any time of year.

Three Meditations for Advent: Embracing Peace

Week One: Goodness and Peace Kiss

We gather together today, looking towards the beautiful season of Advent, as a communion of hearts longing for peace in this fragile, war-torn world. We centre in our heart, awaken our heart senses, listening, smelling, tasting, gazing and touching into the vibration of Love flowing….download here 


Week Two: Kiss of Peace

We gather again today, as a communion of hearts longing for peace in this fragile world. We centre in our heart, awaken our heart senses, listening, smelling, tasting, gazing and touching into the vibration of Love flowing. Gently, we attune to the flow of our loving, yielding into Love’s flow, giving …download meditation here


Week Three:
Radiant in Love

We gather for our third prayer today, in this Advent time of waiting that is so fertile with promise and hope. We sense the hollowing movement of waiting, emptying and drawing us deeper into the Love’s Ground, into the centre in our heart. Sensitively, we awaken….download meditation here


Three Meditations for Lent: Lenten Beholdings with Julian of Norwich

Week One: I am Ground

Julian’s beholding is Ecce Ecce, beholding the wounded One.  We awaken the soft penetrating gaze of the eye of our heart as we enter into the timelessness of beholding, to be-hold our wounded, vulnerable, crucified Beloved, Christ our Mother. …download prayer here


Week Two: Knit and Oned

“God of all goodness give us yourself for you are enough for you/us … only in you do I/we have all” Julian prays at the beginning of her showings. Immersed in this divine goodness, we gather again this week, and awaken the soft …download prayer here


Week Three: Enclosed Eternally

As we hear these luminous words, “It is I” whispered in the silence of our heart, our crucified Beloved, Christ our mother, wants us to have “a true knowing of himself that he is being.” He thirsts for us to have “a true knowing in himself”…download here


Three Meditations for Advent: Birthing Compassion

Week One: Womb of Compassion

We gather together in this beautiful season of Advent as a communion of hearts creating a communal heart-womb of compassion…download prayer here


Week Two:May it be done..

On this second week, with such a beautiful sense of ourselves as forming a rahamim, a communal womb of compassion, we again open the eye of our heart and …download prayer here


Week Three:Conceived by the Holy Spirit

On this third and final week of our Birthing Compassion prayers, with an ever intensifying sense of ourselves as forming a rahamim, a communal …download prayer here


Three Meditations for Lent

Week One: Lamenting

We gather today Beloved, at the beginning of Lent, aware of the ashes of our hearts formed by the burning incense of your loving aflame within our hearts….download prayer here


Week Two: Lamenting and Hoping

As our world continues to suffer, we gather again today Beloved, in all our poverty, weeping and lamenting in communion with one another and the earth….download  prayer here


Week Three: Lamenting, Hoping and Evolving

We gather again today drawn by you Beloved, Christ, Omega Love, yearning, longing, aching to surrender and release all that we are – mind, body, heart, spirit….download prayer here


Infusing the Fragrance and Colour of Advent, 2021
Three Meditations

   These three meditations  invite us into the gentle, enveloping silence of contemplation in preparation for Advent.We invite you to join us in this centering silence to create a noosphere of heart communion.

Betrothed in Tenderness

Loved, betrothed forever, oned …… [download prayer here]

Love Speaking the Word

Pregnant with divine love, we come as a communion of hearts…[download prayer here]

Miriam's Song of the Greening, 2020

In this series of four meditations, shared in October 2020, we enter into the ambiance of the impending US elections, stablising our centre in the consciousness of Oneness, in Omega Christ consciousness, in the heart of divine creativity itself.  Here, as part of our Greening Creation Meditations, we will continue to cultivate insistence that limited belief systems grounded in fragmentation and separation – from the earth, each other and within – are not Reality or our essential human nature. Together, we will enjoy what Beatrice Bruteau describes as “the movement of consciousness from God, in God, as God, out into the world, a movement in which the divine consciousness and my consciousness, flowing together, stream out in love and in creative, healing, beautifying, energy to create the world and to make it better.” (Radical Optimism, 132).   


The birds are singing the primordial song of love, so original and free, a melody of Love’s eternal song. A song that stills our wondering mind..[download prayer here]


Purple Compassion

The purple blossoms of the jacaranda tree reflect the luminous colours of our hearts, outer universe, inner universe, one verse of love….[download prayer here]


Sapphire Blue Seeing

Your brilliant blue radiance illumines our longing, to be centred in your Sapphire Presence. Still and silence our minds, our bodies, our soul…[download prayer here]


Golden Wisdom Infusing

Golden dawn light is peeping through the darkness, glowing with the freshness of early morning light. A soft veil of mist infuses our seeing as..[download prayer here]


Our meditations were grounded in this beautiful painting by the Australian artist Karin Donaldson.   To see more of her artwork, visit Karin Donaldson

Praying in the Thin Space Between Pentecost and the Feast of the Sacred Heart

In the series of four meditations (below), prayed between Pentecost and the feast of the Sacred Heart, we follow the touch of the enflaming of the Spirit in our hearts into deeper and deeper oneness in the Trinity, in the one divine heart. The themes are universal and may be prayed at any time of year.


Contemplatio: The Spirit poured love into our hearts (Rom 5:5)–  download meditation sheet here


Holy Trinity

Contemplatio: God so loved the world (John 3.16) – download meditation here


Corpus Christi

Contemplatio: In the womb before the dawn, I begot you. (Ps 110:3) – download meditation sheet here 


Sacred Heart

Contemplatio: God remains in her and she in God (1 John 4:15) – download meditation sheet here


Meditation with Margaret Holgate

I invite you to enjoy contemplation with a selection of paintings from Margaret Holgate’s Retrospective (1954 – 2013), which are available by following the link