The Mystical Heart - Spiritual Direction in the Light of Contemplation.
August 9-10, 2021

“This little sparrow always turns its beak towards the spirit of love.” 

John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle.

About the Formation Course

This formation offering draws on the wisdom of the mystics to assist spiritual directors in entering into the depthless ground of the heart with directees, as they seek to discern the stirrings of Spirit and the infusing of contemplation that is beyond language.  Classic mystical texts by mystics such as Julian of Norwich, the Cloud of Unknowing, Meister Eckhart, Gertrude of Helfta, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Marguerite Porete, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Teilhard de Chardin, Beatrice Bruteau, Ilia Delio will be drawn on to shed light on some of the more complex issues that arise in spiritual direction as we journey into the deep inner heart.  Emphasis is on claiming the ontological space of contemplation and the heart wisdom that arises in stillness and silence. 

In these two days,  we will explore the wisdom of the mystical senses, movements of ecstatic mystical union, sexual wounding, living our diminishments and walking with the dying.  We will continue to deepen into the foundational themes of this formation course,  including ways of contemplation, discernment, the knowing of the mystical senses, the grace of darkness and unknowing, the gift of being wounded, sacred sensuality and sexuality, surrender and annihilation, dying and giving birth, unitive, Christ consciousness, ecological consciousness and an evolutionary vision.   

The course assists spiritual directors in being able to go deeper into their own inner journey so that they can support their companions to risk the necessary surrender that this way of love involves.  We invite practicing spiritual directors or anyone who is committed to the depths of the inner journey. 

We will create a confidential, trustworthy, sacred spaciousness, a communion consciousness where participants are safe to explore the depths of the Spirit’s drawing. There will be communal meditation, formal teaching, body prayer and small group sharing. Participants will be encouraged to prayerfully read texts in the way of lectio divina and to keep an ongoing journal including writing, art, dance or drama. 

It is essential participants have a routine of contemplative prayer, are in spiritual direction, have some background in the art of spiritual direction and are prepared to take or have undertaken a six-day silent retreat.  

Course Overview

This course will be offered online as an intensive over two days.  Each day will consist of: 

– three teaching sessions of 90 minutes where, drawing on the original mystical texts within their respective contexts, Kerrie will  guide a meditation and offer a teaching, explaining these texts  in relation to their wisdom and praxis for spiritual directors as well as for deepening in the mystical life.

– morning, afternoon and evening guided meditation developing and practicing ways of prayer that are an expression of this wisdom.

– opportunity for small group sharing in confidential, trustworthy, sacred spaciousness where participants are safe to explore the depths of the Spirit’s drawing.

– guided body prayer through Tai Chi and Qi-gong.  

-two follow up zoom sessions to enable the  integration and stabilising of the learnings. 


About Learning in the Mystical Heart

We will cultivate attention and presence to enable our  community to embrace the online learning environement in an embodied and safe way.  Support will be offered to all participants unfamiliar with the digital spaces we will use.   Foundational to our work online is a loving and intentional participation in what Teilhard de Chardin described as the noosphere, that is, the  emergent new consciousness of oneness and of oneing we are experiencing at this time.  Indeed, we will plunge into the depths of this evolving new consciousness in the wholeness in Christ,  aided by the technology available to us at this time, so as to activate our human energies and stabilise our community of  Mystical Heart in the heart of the Trinity.

Booking Details

The course will begin on Monday 9th August at 9.00am and will conclude on Tuesday 10th August, 2021 at 8.00pm. The cost is $425.00 and includes two days of teaching, two follow up zoom sessions, course materials,  body prayer and recordings of all sessions in an online private course website.  

Please register your interest by Friday February 26th, 2021 by paying a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 through the link below.

Final payment will be due Monday 24th May 2021. Numbers will be limited.   Please let us know if this cost is difficult or if you would like to offer more to assist another.  We warmly invite inquiries and questions, which can be made through emailing Robyn Fitzgerald at