The Mystical Heart - Spiritual Direction in the Light of Contemplation.
10th - 11th August 2024

Union with God

For I saw fully and surely that our substance is in God.

And also, I saw that in our sensuality God is

For in the same point that our souls is made sensual

in that very same point is the city of God. ..

For God dwells blissfully in the soul without end

Julian of Norwich.  

About this Formation Offering

Drawing on great mystical classics from the Western and Orthodox traditions, in this Mystic Heart formation offering, we will explore the Christian tradition of mystical union, delving into  language such as the prayer of union, transformation of the soul in God, the unitive way, ecstatic union, mystical marriage, oneing, living in Christ, Trinitarian indwelling, boundless fulfilment, beatific vision, and deification.  In particular we will focus on the naturally kenotic nature of contemplative prayer and the nuances of language such as yielding, surrendering, releasing, descending, emptying, voiding, abandoning, pouring and flowing.  Attention will also begiven to the sacred role of suffering in this transforming union. 

In communion, within a trustworthy sacred space, we will expand and deepen our emphasis on the nuances of the transformation of consciousness that occur through contemplation.  With a focus on mystical union, we will further sensitize to the intricacies of the inter-relationship between the sensual knowing of the bodily senses, the sexual energies of eros, the spiritual vivaciousness of the mystical senses, the ecstasy of mystical union and the apophatic intuition that arises from yielding into the unknown in God in the oneing of Love.  

Attention will be given to how spiritual directors may facilitate, in the spiritual direction encounter, the dissolving of binary thought patterns that compartmentalize ways of knowing, awaken new sensitivities to the touchings of Spirit, finetune the artistry of discernment, and support the one praying in surrendering into an ever deepening and expanding, evolving, oneing in Love.  

Emphasis is on claiming the ontological space of contemplation and nurturing the oneing heart awareness that arises in stillness and silence.   

The presentations and processes will assist participants to sensitively go deeper into their own inner journey, so they can lovingly companion themselves and others into the depthless depths of divine-human intimacy. 

In the light of contemplation, we will cultivate a confidential, trustworthy, and sacred spaciousness, which includes enhancing contemplative presence to each other and fostering communion consciousness.  

It is essential that participants have a routine of contemplative prayer, are in spiritual direction, and participate in regular retreats.  

The offering will be either face to face at the beautiful Santa Casa Retreat Centre, Queenscliff, Victoria, or online. Please see below for further information about both options. 

Course Overview

This course will be offered online as an intensive over two days.  Each day will consist of: 

– three teaching sessions of 90 minutes where, drawing on the original mystical texts within their respective contexts, Kerrie will  guide a meditation and offer a teaching, explaining these texts  in relation to their wisdom and praxis for spiritual directors as well as for deepening in the mystical life.

– morning, afternoon and evening guided meditation developing and practicing ways of prayer that are an expression of this wisdom.

– opportunity for small group sharing in confidential, trustworthy, sacred spaciousness where participants are safe to explore the depths of the Spirit’s drawing. 

– two follow up zoom sessions to enable the  integration and stabilising of the learnings.  Dates for these sessions will be Monday 30th September and Tuesday 5th November, 9.00 – 11.00 (NSW time), 2024.

About Learning in the Mystical Heart

We will cultivate attention and presence to enable our  community to embrace the online learning environement in an embodied and safe way.  Support will be offered to all participants unfamiliar with the digital spaces we will use.   Foundational to our work online is a loving and intentional participation in what Teilhard de Chardin described as the noosphere, that is, the  emergent new consciousness of oneness and of oneing we are experiencing at this time.  Indeed, we will plunge into the depths of this evolving new consciousness in the wholeness in Christ,  aided by the technology available to us at this time, so as to activate our human energies and stabilise our community of  Mystical Heart in the heart of the Trinity.

Booking and Accomodation Details

The course will begin on Saturday 10th August at 9.00am and will conclude on Sunday 11th August, 2023 at 5.00pm.  This year we are offering the course face to face and online.  

Face to Face 

We have booked the beautiful Santa Casa Retreat Centre, Queenscliff, Victoria for three nights,  from Friday afternoon 9th August and departure Monday morning 12th August. The cost will be $837.50 and will include three nights accomodation   two days of teachings, two follow up zoom sessions, course materials, body prayer, recordings of all sessions in an online private course portal,  and all meals (vegetarian meals prepared fresh onsite). Thirteen rooms are available. 

If you intend to join in person, please register by 22nd March, 2024  so that we can confirm your place with the retreat house. 


We will continue to offer this course online from Queenscliff. The cost is $425.00 and includes two days of teaching, two follow up zoom sessions, course materials and recordings of all sessions in an online private course portal.  

Please register your place by paying a  deposit of $50..00 through the box “Register Here” below.

Final payment will be due 1 June 2024.    We warmly invite inquiries and questions, which can be made by emailing Robyn Fitzgerald at