These are reflections I have written for the Contemplative Evolution Network (CEN), a network of people who seek to change the violent and hurting situations in our world through the power and intention of contemplative time together, and so help evolve the world through Love. 

Compassion Pouring Out

Radiant images of creation glowing with golden sunlight and silver moonlight, shine from the pages of the scriptures for this Advent.  The hallowed words of each writer reflect the beauty of the Compassionate One who pours out compassion from the very depths of the divine heart, from the rahamin-womb-heart into creation.  Read more here 

Lenten Anointing

A sweet musk fragrance drifts through the room as Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, pours pure nard on the feet of Jesus.  The perfume soothes and calms, creating a homely, open-hearted atmosphere.  While all the gospels have a version of Jesus being anointed by a woman (Mark 14:3–9; Matthew 26:6–13; Luke 7:36–50; ), as John’s gospel tells this story (John 12:1–8), the anointing marks the beginning of the great passing over of Jesus….  read more here

Rebirthing the Greening

This mantra: “the Word (Λόγος Logos) became flesh (σὰρξ sarx) and made a dwelling (ἐσκήνωσεν eskēnōsen) among (ἐν en) us,” resounds from the primordial voice of John’s prologue, reverberating throughout the cosmos. The sacred sounds of this mantra draw us into the silent spaciousness of the eternal womb speaking the Word/Logos, enfleshing, and dwelling, or making a home within us. John immerses us in an overwhelming sense of the holiness of what is fleshy, bodily, sensual, material. He affirms that: “All things came into being through the Word” (Jn1:3). Furthermore, “all that came to be had life (ζωὴ zōē) in (ἐν en) the Word and that life is the light (φῶς phōs) of humankind.” (Jn 1:4). Notice how all life is in the Word, who is the Light of all….read more here

From Tears to Contemplation: Reflecting on the Easter Mystery

There are numerous exquisite icons of Mary of Magdala and Jesus in the garden of the tomb where Jesus was buried, but as far as I am aware, none catch the moment where Mary is alone, facing the stark nothingness of the absence of her beloved Jesus, Yesua. Yet, John begins this luminous narrative, by immersing us in the pathos of emptiness, in tears wept by the one who stayed present in every moment of Christ’s dying. John remarks, “Mary stayed at the tomb weeping.” Her weeping suggests that though her heart is devastated by the loss of her Beloved, she will go on vulnerably loving….read more here

Turning into Love

Eternal time becomes present in the point of this naked now, when we kindle our desire and enter into the ground of Love’s silence, in the sacred spaciousness of our afternoon CEN gatherings. As I light my candle, burn incense, listen to the aroma of its silent music, settle into a soft silence, and turn all my ways of knowing into the ground of my heart, I open into our loving communion held in the communion of the Beloveds of the Trinity. My intention is to be one in the heart of all Love, and to be one with my companions who are also turning into the ground of the heart at this time…read more here

Serene Beholding

Soft light creates a womb-like spaciousness in my prayer room as I enter to join our communion of contemplation. I enkindle a flame, light a slither of incense and listen to the ancient silence its fragrance infuses into my senses. The mossy aroma stills, calms, settles my body, my mind, as my heart opens like spring blossom petals unfolding. Today climate change advocates have openly met in the streets, creating a visible network of human souls connected to the earth soul….read more here

Lighting the Advent Candle

“I live my Advent in the womb of Mary.”i These haunting opening words, sketched in the poem, “Advent,” by the Wisconsin Carmelite poet Jessica Powers, were imprinted in my heart many years ago. For Jessica and for myself, this open, expectant womb of Mary is: “faith’s walled place, with hope’s expectant nativity.” In this moment, as Advent begins and I enter into this Mary womb spaciousness, within the soft darkness of my own heart-womb, I have a sense of the luminous divine foetus, eternally being born in and through me. …read more here 

My Soul’s Desire

My heart was filled with delight and celebration recently at the beauty of the oneness of all creation when I went to the exhibition of the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries, (c. 1500), in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Just outside the exhibition, a colourful canopy of millefleur patterned fabric graced the corridor and drew me to cross a threshold into sacred time and space…read more here

Flowing Love

The light of the day is just beginning to fade, as I light the candle in my prayer space, sit in my chair and ignite the light of heart awareness in my heart. I know there is a whole communion of lovers of God lighting candles and sounding bells in this point de temps. We meet in the centre of Love and together create a communion heart consciousness. The luminous darkness welcomes me home and draws me deeper into my centre as my prayer word gathers my senses and wraps my desire for Love, for oneness with the Beloved. Drawn by Love’s desire, I breathe in Love’s breath, flow with Love’s flow, abide in Love’s abiding. ……read more here